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Modern digital media agency

We are specialised in digital marketing and advertising. We are the friendly digital media agency.

Modern digital media agency

Traditional advertising agency services

We're also good in traditional advertising agency services. Print, large scale, advertising tech, biz gifts, promo material, clothing etc. We will deliver!

Traditional advertising agency services

About Us - We Stand Out


We have been in the business for over 20 years. Our partner network consists only of carefully chosen partners who meet our strict quality requirements.


Our operations are enabled by strong technical know-how and innovativeness to integrate self-produced and partner services and products into attractive, functional products and solutions.

Customer-Friendly Service

Our operations are based on transparency, flexibility and customer friendliness. We are the friendly digital media agency.

Quality Requirements

We build high quality Internet and brand solutions for customers who require an excellent price-quality ratio.

Our Mission

We deliver high-quality Internet and brand solutions for both large and small businesses, communities and individuals. Expertise, creativity, customer friendliness and unconditional quality standards distinguish us from our competitors. We do business in Finnish, English and Spanish languages.
Lausas Group's mission is to be a full-service digital media outlet and to build high-quality Internet and brand solutions cost-efficiently for customer companies that require an excellent price-quality ratio. This is enabled by strong technical know-how and innovativeness to integrate self-produced and partner services and products into attractive, functional products and solutions.
Lausas Group studies carefully the needs of its customers and delivers high quality and customer-oriented service packages. The service packages are made of finished service products and new solutions, and the complete solution is customized to suit every customer. Lausas Group's products are designed to form a seamless whole that is implemented in accordance with proven, standardized operating models.

Victor A. Lausas


Our Services

Marketing and Advertising

We do marketing and advertising both online and in the traditional media. SoMe, email, radio, magazines and the like.

Internet Pages

Web sites from campaign pages to large portals and everything in between. We make web pages mostly based on the application lease agreement.

Digital Media and Print

Logos, design, visual elements and digital promotional material. Browsable online magazines, catalogs, ads and more. We also produce content, for example for social media. Traditional print, business cards, posters, brochures, large prints, business gifts, promotional items, clothing and so on.

Photography and Video Production

We are happy to shoot your product or your staff, for example, on your new home page or business cards. Promotional and advertising videos, music videos for bands and more are also possible.

Helping Artists

We know how challenging it is to be a beginning artist in today's world, where everything should be ready, finished and even polished to the ground. Logo, web pages, social media, image building, promotions, album creation, stage props, pyro, merchandise just to name a few. Contact us and let us know your vision, we will be able to help you.


Flip Ads is a professional, stylish and contemporary way to deliver message to your customers and stakeholders. Interactive, browsable magazines with videos and animations, product catalogues with direct links to webstores, virtual brochures with audio - just to mention a few. It's time to upgrade your marketing to the next decade.

Flip Ads is also a very ethical choise to support sustainable development. No more paper to clutter your or your clients desk. Flip Ads is scalable, use it on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, which ever suites best for you. And it all comes with an easy affordable and budgetable monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Our Prices



  • Minimum billing for one hour.
  • Travel expenses, daily allowances and the like are billed separately according to the taxman's instructions.
  • If necessary, we will provide a detailed report on the hours worked.
  • Prices includes 24% VAT.

75€ /hour

Hourly Billing

  • Price for a normal work.

125€ /hour

Special Work

  • Task must be performed outside regular working hours, in a foreign language, in exceptional circumstances or in a particularly urgent way.
  • Task is more difficult than usual or requires special expertise, experience or professional skills to handle it.
  • Task has a greater responsibility for security or other special reasons.



  • We also work on an offer basis. The more accurately you can identify and describe the task, the more accurate offer we are able to make, and therefore the more favorable the offer.
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